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Other Eligible Solar Electric Generating Technologies (OSEGT)

List of OSEGT

Click on the link below to download the current List of OSEGT:

Submitted information is reviewed by the Energy Commission prior to equipment being added to the List of Eligible Equipment but it is not continuously monitored. The Energy Commission does not confirm manufacturers' self-reported information. Please note that equipment on the Energy Commission's lists have undergone tests to achieve minimal safety and performance standards. The Energy Commission and the State of California make no claim or warranty on the equipment and its safety, performance or durability. Anyone considering installing solar energy systems are encouraged to conduct their own research.


For information on equipment eligibility and required laboratory-tested data, please refer to the SB 1 Guidelines, Appendix B.

OSEGT Addition or Revision to the list

Click on the links to download the procedure and form, respectively, for requesting to add or revise equipment listings for the OSEGT List:

Other Resources

The California Energy Commission is providing consumers a list of resources and links for informational purposes; where they can research topics such as: PV product recalls, contractor license check for solar retailers/ installers or solar installation building and fire code requirements.