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Performance Data Providers for the California Solar Initiative and CSI-Thermal Program


All recipients of California Solar Initiative (CSI) funding under the performance-based incentive (PBI) structure, regardless of system size, are required to contract with a performance data provider (PDP) for five years of PDP service that meets all of the applicable minimum standards defined in the CSI PBI Data Transfer Rules in Section 10 of the CSI Program Handbook.

Lists of Eligible PDP Providers for CSI Program

Please note that the CSI Program is no longer accepting applications for new Performance Data Providers. Only PDP's already approved by program administration are authorized to submit kWh interval data to the CSI program for the purpose of issuing PBI payments. Please click on the links below to access the list of PDP's approved in each administrator's territory.

CSE (San Diego area) PDP List




All CSI-Thermal Program participants receiving an incentive under the performance-based incentive (PBI) structure must contract with program performance data provider (PDP) that provides solar thermal energy delivered monitoring and reporting services to the Program Administrators.

Rules and requirements governing provision of data for PBI payments are found in the CSI-Thermal Program Handbook.

List of Eligible PDP Providers for CSI-Thermal Program

List of Eligible CSI-Thermal PDP Providers



Companies interested in becoming CSI PDPs should follow the steps listed below to work with the CSI Program Administrators.

PDP Application process for CSI-Thermal Program

Application & Documentation

The applicant completes the "Application to Provide PDP Services" and provides all documentation in the attached checklist to any of the four Program Administrators at the addresses listed below.

Once the PA has accepted the application, they will contact the prospective PDP provider to schedule a data transfer test. Upon approval of the test, the PDP provider is eligible to submit quarterly performance data for CSI-Thermal customers.

Pacific Gas and Electric (CSI-Thermal PDP):
PG&E Solar and Customer Generation: CSI-Thermal
PO Box 7433
San Francisco, CA 94120

Overnight Deliveries
PG&E Solar and Customer Generation
245 Market St., MC N7R
San Francisco, CA 94105-1797

Phone: (877) 743-4112

See also: Other PG&E Contact Information

Center for Sustainable Energy (CSI-Thermal PDP in SDG&E):
CSI-Thermal Program
9325 Sky Park Ct., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 244-1177

See also: Other CSE Contact Information

Southern California Gas Company (CSI-Thermal PDP):
CSI-Thermal Program
555 W. Fifth Street ML GT22H4
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (800) GAS-2000

See also: Other SCG Contact Information

Southern California Edison (CSI-Thermal PDP) Attn: CSI Thermal Program Administrator
P.O. Box 800
Rosemead, CA 91770-0800
Phone: (866) 584-7436

See also: Other SCE Contact Information